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Exploring The Surrealist Garden of Las Pozas, Xilitla

Staircases that wind up to nowhere. Doorways that open to nothing. Bridges that lead to dead ends. All of them surrounded by tropical jungle; vines and moss beginning to encroach upon the abandoned structures, uncared for since the death of their creator in 1984. Seek them out to discover one of the world’s most eclectic […]

Volcano-Roasted Marshmallows in Guatemala

Outside The Box Travel presents the first ever: Cooking Outside The Box Today’s exciting treat is… Volcano-Roasted Marshmallows! What you’ll need: – 1 bag of marshmallows – 1 small branch – 1 active volcano Directions: – Open bag, remove desired quantity of marshmallows. – Stick marshmallows onto the ends of your branch. – Insert branch into accessible […]

Playing with Cobras at the Guindy Snake Park in Chennai, India

I’ve always had a fascination with snakes. As one of humanity’s most feared and reviled creatures, snakes get a bad rap, and I suppose I’ve always like to root for the underdog. As a child, whenever I lifted a rock in my backyard and found not the usual insect, frog, or toad, but the rare […]

Mexico City’s Most Notorious Neighborhood: Tepito

The first time I heard about Tepito was on a late-night taxi ride to Mexico City’s northern bus station on the way to one of the many trips that I took while I lived in that sprawling city. One of the first things tourists are told when they visit Mexico City (or DF, for Distrito […]