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The World’s Most Romantic Fireworks: The Redentore in Venice

The Festa del Redentore is an annual celebration that takes place on the third weekend of July, which culminates in an unforgettable fireworks show over the iconic St Mark’s Basin. The origins of the Redentore date back to 1577, when the festival began to commemorate the end of a plague which ravaged Venice, killing about […]

Celebrating the Notting Hill Carnival in London

The Notting Hill Carnival is a yearly celebration of Caribbean culture marking the end of summer, held every last Sunday and Monday of August. It was started in the 1960s, back when Notting Hill consisted not of its present stately Victorian townhouses, tree-lined streets, and carefully manicured private parks but of a diverse and colourful […]

Back to The Sixties: Zipolite, Mexico

The time has come to reveal my favourite place in all of Mexico. This is saying something, as I had the opportunity to travel far and wide in that beautiful country, and got to explore many of its memorable sights. However, the best trip I took over the year that I lived there was to […]

Exploring The Surrealist Garden of Las Pozas, Xilitla

Staircases that wind up to nowhere. Doorways that open to nothing. Bridges that lead to dead ends. All of them surrounded by tropical jungle; vines and moss beginning to encroach upon the abandoned structures, uncared for since the death of their creator in 1984. Seek them out to discover one of the world’s most eclectic […]

Goodbye Tan Lines: Meco Beach in Portugal

I recently spent a week in Portugal where I visited Porto and Lisbon, which are both quite lovely cities. Porto, questionable weather aside, is picturesque and full of interesting architecture. Lisbon, sunny skies included, brims with a surprising and palpable creative energy and teems with culture. It’s truly a special city. We were lucky enough […]

Volcano-Roasted Marshmallows in Guatemala

Outside The Box Travel presents the first ever: Cooking Outside The Box Today’s exciting treat is… Volcano-Roasted Marshmallows! What you’ll need: – 1 bag of marshmallows – 1 small branch – 1 active volcano Directions: – Open bag, remove desired quantity of marshmallows. – Stick marshmallows onto the ends of your branch. – Insert branch into accessible […]

The Third Sex: Muxe Culture in Oaxaca, Mexico

While Mexico is a primarily Spanish-speaking and Catholic country due to the influence of the Spanish Conquistadors, there are certain regions of the country that put up greater resistance to the foreign invaders, managing to keep their indigenous language and culture alive. The state of Oaxaca is an example of such a region, particularly in […]